And on this day


Today, my daughter turns eleven years old. Eleven.

Here, she is totally and completely toddler and totally and completely enraptured with “baas” (baths), Daddy, and piggy-back rides.




Today, my daughter is on her way, gaining on the mark of the preteen. Eleven.

Here, she is laughter and learning and leaping, a constant whir of motion and joy.





Today, she told me “I feel more grown up.” Grandma bought her makeup.

Here, she is free-spirited and finding more about herself everyday, and ever so beautiful.





Today, she thinks upon her life and celebrates, friends and family around her. We surround her with our love. YOU surround her with love and your ever-faithful presence.

Here, You take delight in her, a masterpiece crafted by Your hands. She contemplates quietly. This is her way.


photo 4(4)


Today…we thank you, Lord, for this gift of celebration for a most remarkable young lady.

Here…we pray for the life she is to lead and your leading her all the way.

Happy birthday, sweet Ella girl. May this Easter be one of such celebration for you!






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